• Booster soundmix

    Been busy also with soundpost for Booster, together with Peter Baert, Gareth Llewellyn, Paulo Rietjens.

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  • Booster audiopost

    Soon the soundmix of Booster. In the meantime  the trailer can be seen here

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  • Booster

    Currently busy with the future "Booster"

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  • Nona, extra shootingday

    Yesterday was the last shootingday for Nona, directed by Stephen king.

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  • Nona

    Past week did the shoot for "Nona", based on the novel by Stephen King.
    Most of the part was done in greenkey.

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  • Folow Gent

    Folow Gent is an experimental film, existing of different short films for the 40th anniversary of filmfest Gent. For this we did some setsound recordings.

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