• Kira

    Busy with sound design / mixing for Kira, a short directed by Dilgesh Rojbeyani

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  • ADR Hartendief

    Did some ADR for "Hartendief" in the soundstudio  at  TVbastards. 
    For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/hartendiefdefilm

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  • Siroxyl commercial

    Did sound for the Siroxyl commercial


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  • DODV première

    Last week it was the première of "Dansen op de vulkaan", for more information take a look at http://www.dansenopdevulkaandefilm.nl/


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  • Boost Nu

    Did some nice stuff for "Boost nu", and specifically for "The bitch of Bert DC ", where the festival visitor is chalenged for a game. Who loses has to do something in return.

    And also for "Alles duidelijk" (all clear)

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  • Things happened

    Don't worry, things are still going on here. Doing the sound editing/mixing for "Witte Mist", and besides some EFP/ENG stuff.

    Films that have been selected for some festivals:

    Booster was selected for:

    Lucas Internationale Childfilmfestival – Frankurt (D)  21 till 28/9/2014
    Schlingel Internationales Filmfestival – Chemnitz (D) 13 till 19/10/2014
    Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival – Finland  17 till 23/11/2014
    Olympia Youth Film Festival – Pyrgos (GR) 29/11 till 7/12/2014

    The last day of summer was selected for the Toronto Film Festival, always nice to hear.

    Dansen op de vulkaan is playing in theaters soon.



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